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Erick Northrop currently lives deep in the New England Suburbs. His rural Connecticut home is worlds away from the troubles of urban life. Now, surrounded by farms and forests, the kid who grew up listening to rock music among the Pines is content. “I’m finally writing the music that is in my heart,” Northrop says. “It’s actually the music I’ve always wanted to write.” 

In 2015, Erick stepped away from creating metal music after years of brutal shows and decibel levels reaching triple digits, an experience he calls “beautiful,” but one that also left him physically and artistically drained. Since returning to music on his own terms, the songs have poured out of him, ready for honky tonks and serious listening rooms alike. He has also liberated his vocals, once so gravely and full of teenaged aggression and rage, to reveal a nuanced voice, rich, tender and authentic. Surrounded by forest and newfound artistic clarity, the result has yielded dozens and dozens of new songs. Reveling in the simplicity, “I get on my guitar, look outside, and write a song,” he says. 

The songs Northrop has always written and continues to write are timeless, earthy, and raw. Erick attributes his connection to Country music and its authenticity to the natural environment he was surrounded by growing up. Raised just 40 minutes from his current home, in the bucolic New England countryside.  “That music always felt right with what I was seeing,” the 29-year-old says. 

Erick has taken his time, and his future is wide open because of it. As he has rediscovered his own musical roots and delved deeper into the music he’s always loved––he has reconnected with himself and found yet another way to connect beautifully with others. “I am so grateful I get to do this.” Erick says. “I’m truly excited for the future.”


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