Erick's Bio

With the belief that country music is not just about "where" you were raised but more "how" you were raised Erick began a solo career in early 2015 so he could be in control of his signature sound. "You can write a country song with heavy metal undertones it is about the message" says the singer/songwriter.

Erick represents the artist who love more than one genre of music and don't want to paint themselves into a corner stylistically. When asked about his particular style of music Northrop simply said "If you love Johnny Cash and Metallica then your music should reflect that without fear of musical persecution. I stand for expressing my feelings and my musings the way I choose to, and country music allows me to be free and open about my choices of expression".

Casting an unpretentious no frills image on stage, he is who he is. A simple man with simple taste and a unique view as to what his particular genre could be, peaks and valleys...very much like life. "There isn't anyone my age  doing what I'm doing in the way I'm doing it" he candidly admits his terminal uniqueness.

Rightfully so playing an acoustic guitar slung low with ripped jeans and singing about the love he has for his woman and his Mom much like a country artist would but without the clichés of tractors, trucks and cold beer. While breaking the monotony by singing about gangsters and outlaws in one set and his favorite hole in the wall in another. Northrop is definitely a rarity in his genre.

"I have an old soul which reveals itself in my style of writing. I sing what I write and I write what I have lived and loved in a style all my own".